Coming & Crying (Limited Edition)

Coming & Crying is a collection of true stories about sex, edited by Melissa Gira Grant and Meaghan O’Connell, including Jonathan Ames, William Ball, K. Bridgeman, Arielle Brousse, Tyler Coates, Gina de Vries, Maria Diaz, Sarah Dopp, Stephen Elliott, Matthew Gallaway, Alex Hoyt, Halle Kiefer, Matthew Lawrence, Tao Lin, Tess Lynch, Erica Moore, Peter Raffel, Audacia Ray, Charlotte Shane, Diana Vilibert, Danny Vitolo, and Douglas Wolk.

We’re opened up our small stash of the first printing of Coming & Crying, to present as a limited edition of 25 to celebrate the launch of the Glass Houses store. These are the very last ones.

Each book is signed by the editors, and includes four photographs printed in full color on archival paper, as well as the digital edition of Coming & Crying and a little something from our production archives, all wrapped in plain brown paper.

GLASS 001-x

Glass HousesHardcover, First Edition
168 pages
ISBN: 0615384943
Published August 2010
Printed in Iceland