2013: The Work of Sex Work Writing

I put all my wrap-up energy into this list of the best sex work writing of 2013, so this will be short and sweet. Mostly, because most of my writing this year is in this book, which you can have come March 11, 2014:

Which now looks like this:

Books. They are inferior to blogging only in that at present, you just have to trust me about what’s in there.

Now here’s what you can read right now:

The War on Sex Workers, my feature for Reason, was my most widely read piece this year.

Sex work at the Super Bowl: the myth and its makers, for The Guardian.

Girl Geeks and Boy Kings, my review of Kate Losse’s book on Facebook for Dissent, runs right into my take on the branding of corporate feminism for The Washington Post. (Terminating in this brief follow-up, “Like” Feminism, at Jacobin.)

Who speaks for women who work in the adult industry?, for The Guardian.

For The Nation, I covered the Supreme Court case challenging the US’s decision to make HIV funding contingent on opposition to sex work.

Anti-Prostitution Pledge Heads to Supreme Court
Ending Prostitution ‘Central’ to Ending AIDS, US Tells Supreme Court
How the Anti-Prostitution Pledge Hinders AIDS Prevention
Supreme Court Strikes Down Anti-Prostitution Pledge for US Groups

For In These Times, I reported on cases of violence against women in the sex trade, and on transgender women in particular.

Sex Workers Rise Up After Fatal Stabbings, on #justiceforjasmine and #justicefordora
Better Treatment of Trans Women by Philly Police Could Have Averted Brutal Murder, on the murder of Diamond Williams

Amnesty International, human rights, and the criminalization of sex work, a behind-the-scenes on sex work policy for The New Statesman.

Spitzer v. Sex Workers, on what his campaign would rather we forget about his politics, for The American Prospect.

Don’t Trust Feminists Fighting to Keep Sex Work Illegal, on anti-sex work campaigners, for Talking Points Memo.

Betty Dodson’s Feminist Sex Wars, a long and wonderful interview for Truthout.

What the New York Times (and France) Got Wrong About Prostitution, taking up the trend of forecasting “trends” towards treating sex workers as victims, for Slate.

The Red Light and the Cloud, a history of the future of sex work, and maybe my favorite of the year, for Medium.

One of the consequences of being so in the book is I gave better interview than blog (sorry, blog). Here’s two using words I liked the most, for Guernica (by Zoe Schlanger) and for Autostraddle (by Carmen Rios). And one using the microphone: Radio Dispatch Live.

Along the way of writing, though, I got to travel and give some really rewarding talks, at Duke University and at Yale, and for the Labor and Working-Class History Association. Since those are folded into the book, you will have to wait.

So here’s to 2014, when I get to hand you this book and do this in person, right? Let me know where you are. I might be there.

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