Glass Houses

Glass Houses

Glass Houses is a media label founded on the Internet in 2010, by Melissa Gira Grant.

Glass Houses launched with the publication of Coming & Crying, edited by Melissa Gira Grant and Meaghan O’Connell.

Glass Houses has produced other things that bring people together around books: blogs, audio, live events, and some other things that definitely aren’t books, but require them.

The seed money for Glass Houses was raised through the production of Coming & Crying, using Kickstarter to pre-sell the book. There’s something new about that, about knowing where your book is going before it’s finished. (It’s actually a lot like the Internet.)


GLASS 001: Coming & Crying (limited hardcover print edition of 1250)
GLASS 002: Coming & Crying zine (limited run of 40)
GLASS 003: Coming & Crying: in person, a live collaboration with Nikola Tamindzic, featuring Meaghan O’Connell, Halle Kiefer, William Ball, and Tao Lin
GLASS 004: contract between Melissa Gira Grant and Nikola Tamindzic, re: GLASS 003
GLASS 005: ____
GLASS 006: ____
GLASS 007: Coming & Crying (digital edition)
GLASS 008: ____
GLASS 009: What Price Love? performance
GLASS 010: Take This Book (digital edition)
GLASS 011: Take This Book (print edition)
GLASS 012: “I like sex & have feelings” tote
GLASS 013: “I like books & have feelings” tote