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Why here

This is my website. Just mine.

My work happens at all because of the messy hybrid of a thing the media is now, but this is how it started: me, writing, on a website that I made (poorly – this was way before WordPress, only a few months before Blogger). No matter how often I’m “published” (which, increasingly means, after months of research, reporting, writing, and editing) by a media organization on a website I don’t have any say over at all, I’m still working my stuff out in a variety of publics online. Back in the day, that was LiveJournal and IRC; today that’s Twitter and TinyLetter.

And now, here.

Why subscriptions

And multiple kinds of subscriptions, too.

I’ve hit a wall with what’s currently on offer for readers to support independent writers. Crowdfunding is meant for discrete projects, or imagined communities of creative affinity. There’s an older model, though: from porn and from magazines. That works for me.